Rosewood & Redwood Furniture

Sale of Solid Rosewood Dining Table ( Private Collection)

Many leading rosewood producing countries- notably Thailand, Myanmar & Laos have started to strictly prohibit the cutting down of rosewood trees. In China , the natural resources in a number of rosewood producing regions , eg Hainan are also quickly being exhausted. As the life cycle of rosewood is comparatively long, supplies are unlikely to be replenished in the short term.

One inevitable consequence of the reduced supply of rosewood is that the price of such furniture will rise. This will enhance its appeal as an investment Option.

We have a wide collection of solid rosewood dining table & chairs with qualitative craftsmanship seen by the locks & joints of the pieces. A few pieces have been kept for over 20 to 30years. The plank on the table tops are from solid whole half plank trunk. Some are kept in its raw non finished state & the final tone of color can be decided by the buyer.

Each piece is unique in itself, the beauty is in its wood grains, the joinery & finishing enhances it. It is not just a dining table, but it is also a collectible piece that can be passed on through the generations.

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